Business is a dynamic process that brings together technology, natural resources and human initiatives in an invariably changing global environment. Students are instructed in such a manner that they have sound understanding of principles and practices bearing in business (trade and industry) as well as their relationship with the society and the environment.

Students are prepared through school curriculum to analyse, evaluate and respond to changes which affects the nature and the economy. The curriculum provides them a way of looking at and interacting with the dimensions of the economy.

Learners Space Solutions assumes the responsibility of providing the children, the kind of platform which helps school curriculum to progress amidst the real time interactions of social, legal, technological, political, mathematical, economic and environmental dimensions of the economy.

It’s a matter of great pride for ‘learner’s space solutions’ to witness massive response from the children from across India. In an initiative of giving back to the society we announce the launch of Global Green Olympiad for Kids of Grade III–V promoting the sense of responsibility towards the environment.

We would also like you to kindly go through our unique initiative ‘Mission Green Planet’ at www.learnersspace.com and be the part of a viable solution for the preservation and sustainability of the environment.

‘Olympiads’- By ‘Learners Space Solutions’ is the by-product of the above stated objective of Learners Space Solutions wherein we aim for the following few behavioural changes among scholars–

  • Students will be able to develop mathematical skills with ethical, social and environmental values;
  • Students will be able to develop sense of responsibility to assume higher roles in nation building ;
  • Students will be able to understand and assume the responsibilities towards the planet earth.

You are therefore requested to stand united in our unique venture of providing children with the fertile ground, so as to allow these saplings of today to grow into the young adults of tomorrow who can shoulder the responsibilities of nation building & nurturing of the nature.