Global Green Olympiad is an attempt to connect the present generation with the environment and its protection.

Our Present Challenges

Making children sensitive to the environment and the need for its protection is an immediate social concern.

The reckless exploitation of environment, depletion of ozone layer, global warming, industrial pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, nuclear fallout due to over population new technological choices, living styles etc. witnessed during the last century has led to environmental degradation.

Needed Approach

It is imperative to nurture the values of care and concern for the physical and natural environment, use of environmental resources in a rationale and constructive way, realize the interdependence between human being and the environment and so on for living in tune and harmony with nature. Individual’s health cannot be no longer maintained without concern for the preservation and sustainability of the environment.

Importance of parents in value formation

Parents are the child’s first teachers and educators. Family is the first social unit where values begin to form and internalized, where fundamental needs of love, trust, care, belonging, connections, autonomy and initiative during early years of childhood build the foundation for values. Read More…